Our Services

we provide land, water and aerial survey.


We provide RTK based topographic services that provide surface relief, three-dimensional model, and land type identification of a location.

The object of topographic work is about the position of a part and generally referring to the horizontal coordinates such as latitude and longitude, and the height vertically.


We use a Dual Frequency Bathymetry equipped with GPS GNSS for the purpose of accuracy in survey result.

Bathymetry aims to know the contour and depth of water.

It is necessary to make policies related to spatial use activities in coastal areas, rivers, lakes, and others.


Generally, photogrammetry is a geo-information technology by utilising existing geo-spatial data. The data is obtained through aerial photography.

Our aerial mapping aims to get orthopohoto, contours (interpolated), volume, and spatial digitizations.

The results can be in a form of line map, a photo map or combination of photo and a line map.

We use UAV VTOL and multicopters as our photogrammetry tools.

we develop technologies

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