What is Cloud GIS?

Cloud GIS is an online based mapping application that can be used as a place to collaborate spatial data exchange real-time within your organisation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We already owned ArcGIS, do we need Cloud GIS?

Have you ever been upset because the map that you need as a discussion material was not able to be presented and when you finally get the data, it turns out that you have to use a computer or laptop with a certain application. If that is the case, you need Cloud GIS where you can directly get you data online (MAP Portal) or offline (MAP Viewer). Discover the convenience of spatial data searching that not only shows picture (vector or raster) but also the name, location, condition, length, coordinate, etc. as the attributes.

What kind of benefits do we get by using MDC (Mobile Data Collector)?

You can easily monitor the progress of your work through the data that is directly reported by Surveyor via iOS or Android smartphone. The Surveyor can upload the documentations from the field along with filling the form that already been created by MAP Editor. In addition to work monitoring, you can also conduct a survey such as taking records of land owners directly from the field, recording how many piles of garbage in a location with the documentations.

See how GIS in the cloud works…

Surveyor 1

Mobile Data Collection

Surveyor 2

Surveyor 3

Mobile Data Collection let your surveyor easily collect, inspect and update data in the field using custom forms. Access your maps online and offline.

MAP Portal

Make your maps publicly available through a simple and intuitive interface. 

Brand your Portal with colors, logo and layout, enrich maps with the search option and custom filters.

MAP Editor

Upload your vector & raster datasets or publish data from your desktop tools. 

Create, style and edit maps. Share projects and invite your coworkers to join you.

MAP Viewer

Access private maps shared with you, anytime, anywhere, online & offline. 

True collaboration on all levels.

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