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We provide services such as aerial, land and water survey. Our product, the hybrid UAV VTOL will be a valuable added for your company. Because, not only it can be used for aerial photography but also for disaster reconnaissance and emergency management. As for the GIS data management, we also provide you the easiest and most comprehensive way to store your data at GISCloud because we understand that mapping can be difficult when you cannot monitor your work. With GISCloud, you can see the progress of your work real-time. So, you do not have to be worried about your work anymore.

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We are a group of young people who have the same vision to make world a better place by developing technologies. Founded in 2015 by Bagus Imam Darmawan, our company took a specialty in survey. In 2016, we focused on applying and developing mapping tools both hardware and software. Recently in 2017, we built a partnership with the biggest UAV company in China, JOUAV. We believe that technologies are not something that push us apart. On the contrary, technologies bring us closer. With the proven track record of satisfactory from our clients, we always strive to provide the best solutions in planning, developing and monitoring.

we develop technologies because we care about our future

Bagus Imam Darmawan

Retno Dewajati

Satria Bayu Setyoaji




The founder of PT MAPID. The mind behind all of this. He completed his Bachelor Degree at Frankfurt University of Applied Science. His passion in technology makes the idea turns into a realisation. How cool is that?

She is that kind of person who walks the talk, the one who is responsible to introduce people about us. Besides her extraordinary way of thinking, how she juggles between her personal life and work is beyond your deepest imagination.

As a Chief Finance Officer, planning and budgeting are his duties. He is a well-organised person. He speaks facts, not assumptions. He is excellent at numbers so he calculates everything.

we develop technologies

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